Eating out North Wales: A Toddler Triumph

We’ve started keeping a list of our favourite places to eat out with our 22 month old Pickle. We’ve found we have a long list of criteria for a meal out, most of that is related to our happy boy!

Today we ate at Deeside Cafe Bistro, Llangollen, North Wales.

It looks tiny from outside!
It looks tiny from outside!

We visit Llangollen often, we live fairly close, our youngest son loves the steam trains and my eldest enjoys the play area by the river. However, today was the first time we tried this cafe. It was a chilly, drizzly weekday, and it’s worth noting that Llangollen is a popular tourist destination. Our enjoyment of this cafe was completely enhanced by the fact it was fairly quiet.

From the outside, it doesn’t look very big, but it’s quite a Tardis inside. We were shown to a table near the window where we had this fantastic view.

View from our window seat

We were seated on cushioned benches, and although high chairs are available, we all have a nicer time without them. Pickle sat by the window and watched vehicles passing on the bridge, the choppy river down below and the train carriages sitting on the track across the river.

There is table service, and they were really helpful, half a small glass of fresh orange juice plus straw for Pickle, and an extra plate for his food. We had English breakfasts and they were happy to swap items for things we’d prefer. For around £5 each we had a delicious breakfast with hot drinks included in the price. The food was fantastic, and we caught a glimpse of other diners meals and were soon struck with a case of severe food envy. Pickle ate almost a whole sausage (which is an achievement for my fussy eater!) although Percy and Toby (the toy trains) merely nibbled some toast (but they did say it was ‘mmm nice’).

playing choo choo while we wait for our food
playing choo choo while we wait for our food

Possible downsides (although they didn’t effect us today, may be a pain under different circumstances!):
No baby change facilities
Cash only
If we hadn’t sat at a window seat, we may have been in possession of a bored toddler.

We loved it for its:
Unique setting
Friendly staff
Tasty food
Good prices
Tantrum free environment!

We took a stroll by the river afterwards before heading home for Pickle’s nap.

Walking off our big breakfasts.
Walking off our big breakfasts.

Going to give this one 5 out of 5 for toddler eating out!


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