Meltdown avoided!


For those with little choo choo train fanatics, you may have realised the Thomas the Tank take and play engines, do not fit on your wooden train track. You can buy a separate track for these guys, but if you’ve already spent up on a lovely wooden track, then you’ve got a problem. A 22 month old who REALLY wants his take and play engines to drive along his track with the other trains, is a recipe for disaster….

So this morning (at the same time as cooking sausages and cleaning the kitchen) I could hear Pickle getting really pissed off frustrated because Percy, Toby and Charlie (trains) were not up for playing nicely on his wooden track. This was not the first time and I’d had enough.

I grabbed an old cardboard box that was waiting to be recycled, opened it up, and together we started to draw a track!


The kids really enjoyed the drawing and creating part, they are still adding little pictures to the scene, so the disaster solving became a fun and distracting activity in itself. Pickle was delighted when he saw his beloved engines chuffing happily along the new track. I think the trains were quite pleased too!




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