Eating out North Wales: Toddler Brunch


Today, before our muddy puddle adventure, Pickle and I ate at Cafe De Galles which is a lovely little cafe right outside St Giles Church with its steeple which is apparently one of the seven wonders of Wales.
We had a lovely window seat, Pickle sat on a normal chair although high chairs were available. The staff were all wonderful, Pickle enjoyed chatting away to them, and they seemed delighted to have him there! They happily met his unreasonable demand for crumpets and sausages, and it came on a special children’s plate with children’s cutlery too. It’s always nice to go somewhere with table service when you’re out on your own with a toddler and don’t want to get up and down too much.
The setting is lovely, a lovely little cobbled street with a nice view of the church. Inside is a huge shelf full of novelty tea pots which Pickle and I discussed at length, and also artwork for sale hanging on the walls. It could be crowded if it were full, but we were lucky that it wasn’t full today (although there were plenty of other customers).

Pickle ate a bit of sausage and crumpet so I polished off the rest enjoyed his sausage and crumpet, I had an English muffin with bacon and egg and a coffee.


The food was very tasty, nicely cooked and hot on arrival at the table. However the star of the show must be the delicious homemade orange sponge that I scoffed we shared afterwards. So delicious, I wished I had space for another slice. We paid around £7 for everything, and were out of there within 30 mins, perfect for a quick toddler brunch.

We liked:
Yummy food
Super friendly staff
Great price
Lovely setting

Possible problems (although didn’t affect us today):
No toilets (unless perhaps they were hidden somewhere?! I didn’t ask as we didn’t need them)
Could be less enjoyable with a toddler when packed

Going to give this one 4 out of 5. Lovely!



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