Alternative mentstrual products: reusable softcup

I tried the Instead Reusable Softcup for previous cycles, so thought I’d give it a quick review!

The softcup is reusable for the duration of one period. This means it’s not entirely reusable and possibly less desirable than other menstrual cups, which is a shame because the softcup has a completely different shape to other menstrual cups which may be better suited to some women.


You get two in each box and they come individually wrapped. You can buy them at feminine wear for £6.50 for two.

I found the softcup lasted the duration of my period really well, I wasn’t concerned about it developing a hole or anything like that, it felt strange to throw it away at the end, although I’m guessing it’s because you can’t sterilise it easily (comment to correct me if there’s some other reason I haven’t thought of!).



It has a fairly stiff rim with a soft cup part. It kind of looks like a diaphragm. Although it can’t be used as contraception, I’ve read that some people can keep it in during sex. It says it’s made from medical grade elastomer and polyethylene material, and is free from a long list of nasties, which you can read more about in their FAQs.


To insert you squeeze it in the middle then slide it in. It opens up inside easily, although I had to jiggle it into place a little to push it behind my pubic bone. I soon got used to this and was a pro by the end of my period!


It wasn’t noticeable at all once inserted. I genuinely couldn’t feel it.
I had a very small amount of leaking after a cough or sneeze, and also found it leaked a lot when I went for a wee. This obviously didn’t matter because I was in the right place, but wasn’t really what I expected.

I found the capacity good for around four hours on my first, heaviest day, (I could have left it longer but this is what I felt comfortable with) and longer on the following days. I left it in overnight with no leaking.

I found that it became quite messy when taking it out to rinse. It was very easy to take out, but most of the blood had spilled out by the time it was removed completely. It was easy enough to get rinsed ready for reinsertion though.

I found I had almost much less painful cramping with this product which is fantastic!

Pros: a bit more environmentally friendly than disposable products.
Easy to use
Minimum leaking
Minimum cramping (yay!)
Good capacity

Cons: not fully reusable
Messy to remove

I’m currently trying a Meluna cup so will get a review of that down next week.

If you have any questions about this product I’m happy to answer.


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