A day at home

My eldest, D, is at home today because of ear ache and generally feeling a bit under the weather. The little pickle had me up all night so it’s a pleasure to have them both keeping each other company!

I’m exhausted, so low energy activities are required.
So far we’ve watched a movie, played with the trains, made a ramp for the toy cars with some cardboard and felt tips and made chocolate crispy cakes.

Our car ramp


Making/ sampling the crispie cakes

After the crispie cakes they were both in need of a bath, so I decided to give them some washable finger paints in blobs on the side of the bath. They were both pretty excited about it and got stuck in straight away…


They had an awesome time, Pickle usually gets upset about having paint all over his skin but he didn’t seem to mind this time!


Here is one of the many masterpieces they created before wiping it with a sponge and starting again!


We had to pull the plug and shower them both down afterwards, but clean up took only a couple of minutes and the result was two happy and calm children!

Now, will the little one have a nap so I can read my book in peace I wonder?


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