Play at home: Diggers in rice

This has very quickly become one of our go to boredom busters over the winter months, when we are stuck in the same few rooms and the weather is too horrendous even for puddle splashing!

diggers in rice

The title here is pretty self explanatory, you put some dry rice on a tray and let the toy diggers loose in it! At first, it is a bit daunting, because as expected, the rice ends up off the tray, off the protective mat underneath, and under the living room rug, but stick with it because this activity can pass an hour, sometimes more! Dry rice is easily hoovered up at the end and a lot of it ends up back in a jar we now keep especially for this activity.

A few weeks ago I used up the final drops of green food colouring from my cupboard to make green rice which has a lovely grassy feel to it. I just mixed it up in a bowl and left the bowl in a warm place to dry the rice out again before play.

We hide stones and pebbles, pinecones, buttons and other bits and bobs in the rice to excavated and discovered.

Of course, we always play with diggers as Pickle is digger crazy, but this is still a great sensory activity for all ages, you can use cups to pour the rice, or different types of surfaces to drop the rice on to listen to the different sound effects you can make. For example, the difference between rice dropped in a sauce pan or on a piece of paper.

Have fun, I’d love to hear about your rice play variations!


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