Techniquest Glyndwr: Toddler day


There aren’t many indoor attractions in Wrexham but techniquest is always a hit. It’s usually quite expensive considering it’s quite a small attraction but the toddler days are amazing value.
It costs £4 for Pickle and I can go in free. We arrived just after 11am and hired a locker for £2 which is refunded at the end. It was a good time to arrive as the nursery and childminder groups are usually leaving around the same time, leaving the attractions in the main building quiet for us to explore.

They have changed some of the attractions since we last visited in October, and rearranged some things. Our favourite additions were a slow bubble attraction where you use a pump to create different sized bubbles into a thick liquid. We talked about the speed of the different sized bubbles through the liquid and how hard you had to pump to get small or big bubbles. We also liked an optical illusion which makes you appear to be on a huge chair when you look in the mirror.


We went for story time in techniquest’s other building, and played with the blocks for a while. We were in a small group of children who were a bit shy, but Pickle was happy to do all the talking and answer any questions about the story.

We’d taken a picnic, techniquest has a nice indoor picnic area (there is outdoor space too when the weather is nice!). They sell drinks and small snacks, and during the week food is available in the university cafe (Techniquest is based on the Glyndwr university campus).


After the picnic it was over to one of their classrooms for some arts and craft. Painting and collage making, Pickle’s two favourite things! After this there was time to explore the other building which again had been switched around a bit. We love the dark room and the hall of mirrors, although Pickle did almost bang his nose on a mirror- oops!

The staff are all fantastic. They all have a genuine interest in science and are lovely with the children. They can also help you find the answers to any of the puzzles which comes in handy when Pickle is insisting I complete some intricate puzzle and I haven’t got a clue how!

We probably won’t go every month as it’s more exciting if you leave more of a gap between visits. It means you don’t get used to the attractions and they become exciting again! However we may go next month with some friends as it falls just before Pickle’s third birthday (ahem- cake…!)

I’d definitely recommend a visit to techniquest, especially if you can get to one of their discounted days.

There was also an offer between Arriva trains and Techniquest so that may be worth investigating if you’re travelling by train.


Techniquest toddler days run once a month and are usually on a Monday.

Find more information about admission, opening and events at the Techniquest Glyndwr website.


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