Thrifty bargains

After our music group yesterday, and a lovely lunch in town, Pickle and I stopped in one of our favourite charity shops and found some lovely items. (We are big preloved fans here!)

Vintage (maybe retro) wooly sweatshirts for Pickle, £1.20 each. I just adored these and although I wouldn’t be confident enough to date them, the labels tell me they are pretty old.

Pickle also picked out a book for £1 which looks like it’s never been read. Looking forward to reading it together.


The biggest bargain however, was probably this addition to my crochet blanket collection! It’s a stripy scrappy blanket, probably made with all the left over bits and bobs in someone’s knitting bag. It’s big enough to cover our double bed and it’s in lovely condition, thick and snuggly and cosy. Although I’ve got lots of blankets already, I couldn’t leave it in the shop when I saw the price tag was £2!


The down side of finding these bargains is that I didn’t he chance to look for anything for myself…. And on the way out of the shop I saw a rail of vintage dresses at very low prices! At this point Pickle had had quite enough of shopping and decided he was NOT going to allow me to stay in there a moment longer…. So I had to wave goodbye to vintage loveliness for myself!

However, for £5.40 I don’t think I can complain about my haul!


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