A Whole New Rhyl

I don’t plan on this happening every Saturday… but on Saturday I ended up in Rhyl again. This time accompanied by Pickle and Manshape.


If you’ve not been to Rhyl in the past couple of years but visited before that, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a bit of a dump. I remember visiting in the past, seeing the run down, scruffy buildings, the litter on the beach and the dated, dingy promenade facilities.

However, there seems to be so much regeneration happening that it seems like a different place! Every time we’ve visited over the past two or three years, we’ve been blown away at the vast improvement. The coastal path is beautiful, there are new facilities along the front from quiet benches and grassy areas, to a modern skatepark and new outdoor paddling pool. There are statues and monuments, the beach is so much cleaner than I ever knew it to be. Obviously you expect the odd packet or bottle lying on a beach in a town, especially in winter when the wind has blow these things there, but truly there were only two items of litter I could see on Saturday.

The beach facilities are great in summer, the cinema has been revamped and some of the worst buildings from the front have been removed, opening up the space and letting in light. Everywhere you look there is something happening, the old viewing tower looks like it will be removed or revamped, the fair is being tidied up, a new bridge and visitor centre has been built on one end of the front and on the other end the sun centre swimming pool has closed, I believe it’s also earmarked for improvements.


I’m not sure what was happening, but when we were on the beach this Saturday, with our toy diggers and dumpers, there were real diggers and dumpers! In another life I’d have found this annoying but with Pickle there to enjoy them we found it a treat! They were taking sand from one end of the beach to a giant site at the other end.


So when we say we’ve been to Rhyl for the day, and get the ‘look’ which wonders why we’d go to such a dump, I am quick to defend it each time! It’s improving so quickly, there’s something better each time we visit, it’s clean and it’s pleasant. Don’t knock it until you’ve been to see how great it looks, you will be pleasantly surprised, especially if you last visited ten years ago!

Looking forward to visiting in the summer and seeing what else has changed!


For more information on the regeneration happening in Rhyl, click here for an article in the daily post.


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