Turning 3

My youngest son, a couple of days old

Yesterday marked my little Pickle’s third trip around the sun! I am so grateful that he came into our world safely and healthy, as he has brought so much light to our lives. It’s like he was always meant to be here. He keeps D company (as well as driving him up the wall- brotherly love at its finest!) and they adore each other!

We had a relaxed day, mostly at home, saving our energy for his party on Sunday!

We were lucky enough to find this preloved wooden Pintoy firestation, complete with firemen, accessories and fire engine! We picked it up locally for £18 which is an amazing bargain, these usually sell for at least twice this price preloved and retail for a lot more.

I also gave him these beautiful books. We love the Guess How Much I Love You stories because of their simplicity and focus on the seasons. The illustrations are beautiful too. We’ve been collecting the Gerda Muller seasons board books since Autumn (we just have ‘Summer’ left to collect now!) after seeing my friends’ copies. They are so beautiful, without words, you can make up your own narrative or just enjoy the pictures.

We were a little sad his brother was at school for the day, so we went out for ice cream and a trip to the playground while we waited for him to come home.

The boys made a cake, to Pickle’s exact specifications (smarties and sprinkles!!) and I set about cooking his favourite meal for his birthday tea…. Fish fingers! He was thrilled!

After some visitors and more lovely gifts, D set the birthday table. He chose to use our rainbow, some candles and some daffodils which I thought was perfect!

Penblwydd Hapus i Pickle! ❤


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